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When filling up or making a delivery from a ground tank, the ventilation pipe will allow it to breath. At the same time, the pipe makes the tank accessible for unwanted dirt and water.

Limiting the access of water and dirt in a ground tank decreases the risk of contamination and degradation of the product.


Water and unwanted particles

The ventilation cover, available in two sizes, DN50 (2”) and DN80 (3”), decreases:

• intrusion of rain into the tank

• intrusion of insects and larger particles into the tank due to the insect mesh.

For a top-of-the-line air filtering product (down to 3 microns) that also dries all air going into the ground tank, take a look at Torkel® by Wennstrom.


Environtment Safeguard

The ventilation cover is part of ”Environtment Safeguard”, our system for increased safety and security at the filling, dipping and ventilation point of fuel tanks.

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