VR1 adaptor with flame arrester with short axle

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The VOC Directive 94/63 1994 states that vapour recovery stage 1 is required for ­petrol within the EU. One part of stage 1 is to collect and return the vapour from the service station into the road tanker during delivery. The VR1 adaptor is the connection point of the vapour recovery hose from the road tanker.

The Wennstrom VR1 adaptor comes with or without a flame arrester. The choice depends on local requirements and on the total risk analysis for the storage tank. Flame ­arresters in accordance with EN16852:2010 are normally required for petrol and E85 installations


Flame arrester

Ignitions sources, such as sparks caused by electrostatic discharge or lightning or mechanical shocks, in potentially explosive atmospheres can have disastrous effects.

Even thougt the valve is self-closing, the risk of a leak is always presant due to the wear & tear of frequent use. As an alternative to high inspection/maintenance frequency, the unit is equipped with a flame arrester there-by limiting the required inspection frequency to a minimum. An investment in a flame arrester is a safeguard against such an accident.

Simplified installation

The design of the unit and integration of the deflagration flame arrester simplifies the entire installation and maintenance. Its’ compact size (only 157mm long) makes the adaptor ideal at new installations and suitable even when retrofitting existing ones. The special earthing point mini­mizes the risk for sparks due to potential differences.

Total risk analysis

In combination with a flame arrester in the ventilation pipe and the HSE Interlock valve at the filling point, the storage tank will be effectively safeguarded against probable risks for explosion.


The VR1 adaptor with flame arrester has been approved by the Notified Body IBExU in Germany, documented in certificate IBExU08ATEX2001 X. Approved to the finnish market 


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