In-Line pressure/vaccum vent valve (+20/-4 mbar)

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Under normal operating conditions, tanks containing petroleum products should be sealed to the atmosphere. This not only minimizes the spreading of VOC vapours, it also prevents unnecessary ventilation which may lead to damp air condensating into water in the tank.

Protect the storage tank

A pressure/vacuum (p/v) vent valve will protect the storage tank from damage due to pressure by balancing pressure tops and drops.

Proven P/V vent valve

The Wennstrom p/v vent valve is a based on a patented gravity solution that enables a wide range of pressure and vacuum values, depending on the field of use and the local requirements. The End-of-Line version is constructed to fulfill the leak rate requirements of California standards.

Cost efficient

The design of the unit and the choice of material is based on the flow rate and pressure/vacuum requirements of service station storage tanks. The ease of installation and no requirements of periodical maintenance requirements make the p/v vent valve the perfect choice.

Total risk analysis

In combination with ES118 – VR1 adaptor with flame arrester, the HSE Interlock valve at the filling point and a flame arrester if required, the storage tank will be effectively safeguarded against probable risks for explosion.

In-Line P/V vent valve

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