In-Line detonation flame arrester IIA with service hatch

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Wennstrom develops and markets equipment especially adapted for ambient working conditions at service stations. The solutions are cost-effective and service-friendly.

Safety first

The safety work at service stations is continuously improving. The object is to decrease the number of incidents and accidents and make it a safer place for motorists, tank truck drivers and passers-by. An incident can have serious consequences so it is vital to eliminate or minimize all potential risks.

Service first

Whilst making surrounding environment safer by minimizing risks, safety equipment often requires regular inspection. The object is to discover any damage or wear that may influence the effectiveness of the protective properties of the equipment. So to keep costs down, the equipment must be service-friendly.


Servus (ES6860AA/ES8861AA) is an in-line detonation flame arrester for class IIA products such as petrol and E85 that are offered at service stations. Servus is adapted to the types of vapours/gases and flow rates that can be expected by the ventilation stacks at service stations.

Servus is equipped with a service hatch and can be mounted at a service-friendly height thereby rendering a Skylift unnecessary during inspection. Instead, the flame arrester package can be easily and comfortably removed and inspected to check that it is clean. Wennstrom can also offer Windy that measures the pressure drop over different components.

Integrated pressure/vacuum valve

Servus can also be equipped with an integrated pressure/vacuum valve giving a cost-efficient and simple solution.

ATEX certified

Servus ES6860AA/ES8861AA is approved according to EN 16852:2010 and holds certificate IBExU11ATEX2021 X issued by the notified body IBExU of Germany. The X in the certificate is a requirement to ensure proper earthing.

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