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OutLock & FlexiDip

Keep water out

Water entering the tank through the dip tube is an old and common problem. However, the fuels of today are more sensitive to water especially biodiesel mixed with FAME. Together with water, there is a risk of bacterial growth in the product, leading to clogged filters on the forecourt, or even worse, in the refueled vehicles.

Double safety

The design of OutLock includes two safety measures against water intrusion: a packing and an O-ring. These features also minimise the risk of the lock freezing.

Keep thieves out

The dip tube is an opening to the tank often used by fuel thieves. OutLock offers strong resistance against this and the small thin slit prevents tubes or hoses from being pushed down the dip tube in order to withdraw product.

Keep vapours in

Whenever dipping is performed and the dip tube cap is removed, any small overpressure within the tank is released into the atmosphere. The small slit in OutLock minimises this keeping the VOC in place.

Dip without a key

Unlike competing products, OutLock allows the tank to be manually dipped without having to unlock and open the dip tube. This shortens the time it takes to dip and facilitates the control of keys at the service station.

Key safety 

The cap cannot be screwed on if OutLock’s security block has been replaced in­correctly or if the key is forgotten in the lock.

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