Pneutronic 4 - AL-145 - 230 vac - BAR/PSI

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Pneutronic IV - digital tire gauge

Economic and environment friendly - for all types of tires

The simple act of gauging your tires can result in improved fuel economy and safer driving thanks to improved vehicle handling.

With automatic infl ation/defl ation of the tire and a clear signal at the correct tire pressure, Pneutronic’s digital technology provides a faster, easier and safer tire gauging process.

Always the right tire pressure

Up to 30% of all vehicles using the roads have the wrong tire pressure. This not only leads to a shorter life span for the tires, it also leads to higher fuel consumption resulting in poorer fuel economy and unnecessary pollution of the environment.

Customized installation

Pneutronic can be ordered with your company’s logotype and is quickly ready for use due to the easy installation.

Many possibilities

Pneutronic is manufactured in accordance to ISO9001 standards and carries the CE mark. It can be mounted at service stations, tire centers, car workshops, bicycle and sports shops – anywhere there is a risk of the wrong tire pressure! The Pneutronic digital tire gauge can also be equipped for operating on coins.

... and it is nitrogen compatible!

How it works

1. Enter the desired tire pressure with the + and – buttons.
2. Connect the tire. 
3. The tire is infl ated or defl ated automatically to the desired pressure. 
4. A signal is activated when the operation has been completed.
5. No need to check the pressure with a manual pressure meter.
6. The compressor only runs when necessary which saves energy and prolongs its’ lifespan.

Pneutronic 4 - AL-145 - 230 vac - BAR/PSI - with heater and plug Schuko. Wall mounted. Complete with hose - ready for installation.

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