SETUP1: EMR4 Digital Meter System with Remote Display

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The EMR4 Digital Register System, with 1 remote Display.

Delivery include the following components: IB-Box, Remote Display, Temperature Probe, Installation Kit, Printer Cable.

This setup is specially for TCS-Meter systems, but works also with other branded meters, where there is a pulser.

The IB-BOX is designed for to handle 2 displays.

This system is also a setup that can be included in Wennstrom MID-approval.



The EMR4 is designed to be installed or integrated with any meter as a custody transfer approved electronic meter register for mobile and stationary bulk fueling. The EMR4 system is comprised of two separate components: The Register Head, and the IB Box. These core components, along with a series of accessories, allow the user to configure a system that meets their specific needs on the delivery vehicle, loading rack, or other liquid dispensing application.



Key Features

  • Dual Register Head System - Simultaneous operation with one IB box.
  • Global Weights & Measures approval for installation anywhere in the world.
  • UL, ATEX, IECEx certified.
  • Class 1 Division 1 certification for approved installation in all mobile and stationary applications.
  • Built-in USB for easy, 3-step software upgrades. Software upgrades continuously available on at no charge, assuring your system can grow with your needs.
  • Two RS-232 communication ports for easy access to data and/or remote control.
  • Built with integrated Wi-Fi for future wireless accessibility.
  • System design is adaptable to all meters.
  • Optional Electronic temperature compensation
  • Currency and volume Preset Deliveries.
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