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Sampling valve

The Wennstrom sampling valve is similar to a normal foot valve with an important exception: no loading is carried out through the valve. There are two versions; one is pneumatically controlled, the other is opened mechanically.

Dimensions: DN20

The valve is typically installed when regulations or standard require the taking of samples from the bottom of a tank, such as an aircraft refueling vehicle. It can also be used for draining a tank. The sampling valve comes in two versions, one pneumatically operated, the other mechanically operated for example a wire.


The valve are permanently marked with the following information:

-Dimension                        DN20

-Manufacturer                   Wennstrom Flow Control AB

-Manufacturers art no:     16-3070 for the mechanical operated valve

-Materials                         Aluminum, EN AC-44200

-Max work pressure         10 bar

-Year of manufacture        20XX

-Unique serial number

-Conformity                      EN16257: Clause 4 and 5

-Temperature range         -40° to +50° Celsius

-Gaskets                          NBR or FPM


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