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The manifold is developed to maximize the flow rate and minimize turbulence and resistance during loading and unloading. The manifold enables delivery to the customer from one or several compartments simultaneously. The manifold also facilitates transferring of load from a trailer tank unit to the truck tank unit.
The manifold is pneumatically controlled (in one or two directions) with a spring return backup. A sensor that can be integrated into the manifold will be activated when the manifold valve is completely closed. If the sensor is not connected, then the manifold must be installed with the pneumatic cylinder return. The flow of fluids in the manifold does not affect closing or opening of the manifold section.

Maximum flow rate through section:                                1950 liter/min.

Maximum flow rate through pump outlet:                     1648 liter/min.

The STR8 manifold section has the following technical specifications:


             Weight / manifold section:                                                                  8.6 kg

             Weight / pump outlet                                                                           3.5 kg

             Weight / 50 ext. section                                                                       1.5 kg

             Weight / 100 ext. section                                                                      1.8 kg                  


Front side attachment screw length                                                 10*50 mm

             CC-width between couplings                                                              250 mm

             Depth of manifold section                                                                   219 mm

Height of a manifold section                                                               241 mm































Flow through cylinder diameter:                                        110 mm

Maximum flow rate through section:                                1950 liter/min.

Maximum flow rate through pump outlet:                     1648 liter/min.

Maximum fluid pressure:                                                      11 bar

Nominal fluid pressure:                                                         7 bar

Minimum pneumatic air pressure:                                      6 bar

Nominal pneumatic air pressure:                                        8 bar

Maximum pneumatic air pressure:                                     10 bar


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1.Warranty terms


The STR8 manifold fulfill the rules of Wennstrom general Warranty terms. Separately need to be mentioned that none of the sealing’s or gaskets are included into the warranty. If there are traces of gasket surfaces that has been scratched due to service, the warranty does not cover those issues in case of leaks or similar. Also, if the sensor or adjustments of the sensor has been changed, by other than authorizes workshops, the warranty do not cover. If the pin bolts are removed the threads are certainly damaged or destroyed, in that case the warranty is not valid. During warranty time the manifold cannot be dismantled by any other Wennstrom service shops or Wennstrom clarified partners for the warranty to be valid.

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