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A manifold (or collector) is often mounted on vehicles to make deliveries easier and faster. Whenever a meter is used the manifold will enable the operator to discharge any compartment through the meter. If the vehicle carries two products that may not be mixed (such diesel and petrol) a double manifold will enable simultaneous discharge of both products.

Pneumatically balanced

Wennstrom manifolds are balanced manifolds, either by pressure (Classic) or mechanically (LOW8). This means that only the chosen manifold section will open, even during pressure shocks that occur when a preset valve closes or suchlike.

Well proven

The Classic manifold model is widely spread and is a trustworthy companion for the road tanker operator. It is pneumatically balanced and has, like the LOW8 version, an indicator that shows which section is open. One aspect of the Classic version is the complete flexibility it offers during mounting. Each manifold can be specified with distance between the inlets, sight glasses, flanges, swivels and sensor sockets exactly as the customer requires.

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