DN500 Manhole cover for TOP LOADING, with inspection cover 10" and hole for vapour recovery valve and a Doubble & Single sensor

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Manhole cover for Top-Loading DN500

Low-mounted manhole cover equipped with inspection cover, holes for vapour recovery valve and one Doubble and one Single sensor box.

The manhole covers we offer are ADR-compliant and fulfil the European standards EN13317.

We stock standard versions but can also deliver special configurations if required.

Flexible hole configuration

The 24-bolt version with a spring-loaded inspection cover (opens at 300mbar) is the base for most other versions and it is mainly the hole configurations for the equipment that differ from market to market. Some require pressure/vacuum valves with connection to vapour recovery, some optical or thermistor sensors, others emergency evacuation valves and so on. Should the configuration required not be shown, please contact us.


Standard DN500 manhole cover with inspection cover of 10" and 24bolt attachment.

NOTE HATCH OPEN WIDELY. Specially designed for top-loading.

The delivery includes the 24bolt gasket.

The 3-Holes:

TW1 Standard flange hole for breather valve D97mm. Bolts 8XM10 with a diameter of 130mm.

Wennstrom Doubble sensor box, Hole diameter 61mm. Bolts 4XM8 with a diameter of 110mm.

Wennstrom Single sensor box, Hole diameter 61mm.

Wennstrom offers also everything ready assembled for your workshop, with sensor holes plugged, so the manhole cover is ready for the pressure test. Please, remember to ask that in your offer request.

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