Dealex – Fleet refuelling management system

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Dealex – Fleet refuelling management system

Efficient Fuel Management

Dealex is designed to manage fleet fueling transactions and 

registers and reports on fuel consumption in a logical and straightforward way. The system uses secure smart key technology (iButton) for identification of vehicles and drivers/personnel.

AVI integration

As an alternative to smart keys, an Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system can be integrated into Dealex.

Pump control and data collection 

Dealex controls the pumps and collects the fueling data based on vehicle number, driver number and, if required, work number. Dealex supports direct integration to most common tank gauge systems. Based on the type of identified vehicle, Dealex will suggest the fuel type and can, depending on configuration, prompt for odometer reading and PIN-code.

Wired, SD memory card or GSM

Dealex communicates the fueling transactions to the host computer system via a wired connection (IP-network or RS232), SD memory card or by GSM modem.

Cost efficient solution

Dealex is a cost efficient solution and is compatible with a large number of pumps. The comprehensive reporting software helps eliminate losses and makes fuel cost calculation easy and nearly enjoyable.

System specifications

• 4 pumps
• 2 000 users
• 409 fueling transactions
• 204 other transactions
• Total counter for each grade (8 digits)
• Fueling with or without PIN-code


• Network or RS232 
• SD-card
• Printer
• Tank gauging system such Veeder-Root, OPW


• Transfer via Network/RS232 cable, SD card or GSM modem
• Transaction registers are also saved to SD card
• System supports FAT16 file system, SD cards up to 2GB
• SD card can be replaced any time
• Uses free MySQL database


• 390 x 410 x 235 mm (width x height x depth)
• Display 100x25 mm
• Column height about 1350 mm
• Weight 20 kg

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