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AdBlue system

Selective catalytic reduction

AdBlue is a registered trademark held by the German Association of Automobile Industry (VDA). It is used in a process called selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from the exhausts of diesel motors. AdBlue is a mixture of urea in denaturalized water defined in accordance to ISO22241 specifications. Another name for AdBlue is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Clear and non-toxic liquid

The liquid is clear, non-toxic and safe to handle but can be corrosive to some metals. Since the SCR process is sensitive to chemical impurities in AdBlue it is essential to maintain a high standard of purity of the product.

Heating, overfill prevention & quick loading

In the Scandinavian climate it is necessary to install heating elements in the tank and also to insulate the AdBlue container. At the same time, overfill prevention, quick loading and discharge from the tank are all essential properties of a user-friendly and safe installation. All of these properties are natural features of our AdBlue solution.

A secure investment

The metal construction of the tank also has the added benefit of allowing the tank to be used for other products, should the need arise. This flexibility helps secure the investment for future changes.

AdBlue system

• Robust construction – long life time steel tank
• No maintenance needed
• Efficient submersible pump
• Big heating area – low surface temperature
• Electrical centre
– precise outside and tank temperature control
• Overfilling warning system and overflow pipe
• Stable mounting platform – fast installation

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Submersible pump

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