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Safe and smooth operations

Trains run more safely and smoothly with Tarmo Monitoring System for crossings. The condition and status of the security equipment is monitored via quick ”on-line” connections. Should an accident occur, a retrospective investigation of the situation on the crossing can easily be carried out.

The status information is automatically transferred from the crossing to the central traffic control by a secured GPRS/Internet connection. Events are viewed and analysed via a special software application.

Complete solution

The Tarmo system is a complete solution. It includes embedded computers for the crossings and the monitoring computer as well as the required software.

All controlled level crossings are shown in a clear data format on a display. The status of the crossing is presented like a traffic light.

A green light shows that everything is working perfectly. In the case of a fault occuring in the level crossing equipment, the indicator light of the crossing in question switches to red. An audible alarm further ensures that the fault is observed. Detailed status information of each crossing is available in a separate pop-up window.

The safety of a crossing is monitored continuously and data is transferred, for example, every 10 minutes (user configured) and any fault is immediatly reported to the central traffic control.


The Tarmo system can easily be expanded by adding relay outputs for fire alarms, temperature readings, burglar alarms, battery charge level etc. Processing of sms-messages is also possible. Communication via the GSM-network can be made even more reliable by using sms-messages as back-up.

The system can also be upgraded with other functions e.g. image transfer from the crossing and a two-directional communication for sending commands to the site.

Automated monitoring

The status of the system server is monitored by a watchdog and all transactions are registered atomatically. A stable and consistent time base is secured by synchronizing the system clock with Internet time servers.

Operating system: Multitasking real time operating system

Processor: ARM7TDMI

Memory (16-bit): SRAM 512 kB (battery back-up), Flash 2 x 512 kB, EEPROM 1 kB ID

Operating temp.: -25°C ... +55°C

Connections: CAN-bus, 12C-bus (max 205 kbits/s), 3 x serial ports, 2 x open collector relay control outputs, 2 x 5 VDC digital inputs/outputs, 4 x 5 VDC digital/A/D inputs (10 bit), 3 x pulse counters (100 kHz)

Input voltage: 10-36 VDC

Datatransfer: GSM/GPRS


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