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TCS 3000 Electronic Register

More than a Register

Equipped with state-of-the-art software, the TCS 3000 goes beyond standard meter register capabilities. With an internal database and an array of delivery automation features, the TCS 3000 goes above and beyond. Now you can have more insight into and control over your deliveries!

Next Level Delivery Automation

Experience the most sophisticated delivery automation on the market! With TCS OnPoint, the TCS 3000 can help ensure your delivery stays within preconfigured parameters or it will shut down the delivery.

When a delivery has been successfully completed, the information can be uploaded to the TCS HUB, a web-based delivery software for reporting and automatic importing into 3rd party POS and/or ERP software.

Mobile Device-Ready

Control the TCS 3000 from TCS Mobile, an app that lets you connect to one or more TCS 3000 registers and start, control, monitor, stop, and complete deliveries remotely.

Get the TCS Mobile App

Easily start, control, and stop your TCS 3000 registers remotely from the convenience of a tablet or smartphone device.

TCS Mobile’s intuitive interface allows you to wirelessly control one or more TCS 3000 registers simultaneously (without the need for junction boxes). TCS Mobile is compatible with ANY generation of TCS 3000 register – no upgrade necessary.



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